We mean, have you read the reviews?

Caught by the River: “Wonderful… hugely enjoyable… looks fantastic…”

Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music: “A kaleidoscope of characters, jokes, theories and terrific writing.”

The Quietus: “Superb… giddy like Bill Drummond on West Country fly agaric.”

Louder Than War: “Entertaining… witty… inspiring…”

Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6 Music: “Thoroughly enjoying this sinewy work from Roy Wilkinson.”

Dark Lustre is a book by Roy Wilkinson. In six monthly instalments. Made-up stuff but rooted in our contemporary world. The narrative moves from North Devon to Bavaria and Berlin. There is mystery and mortality, on the Devon cliffs and across continental Europe. Improvisational investigator Tommy Quantox seeks solutions – to localised enigma and to our past century’s most insidious red herring. Three women have formed an astonishing rock band. SS porcelain, lampreys, energy drinks, the Siberian jay and some uplifting human endeavour are all part of a story that is both elliptical and fiercely lucid.

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Dark Lustre is by Roy Wilkinson, author of the acclaimed British Sea Power-themed book Do It For Your Mum, praised by The Guardian in 2011 as “The year’s finest memoir.”


Dark Lustre is a limited-edition publication, limited to a total of 667 examples – each of which will be consist of six monthly instalments. Surveyors of the current print landscape will perhaps be aware that Roy Wilkinson’s book Do It For Your Mum, published in an edition of 2,011 copies, is sought after and rarely appears for sale. At time of writing, one copy of this book was available online, priced at over £800. Dark Lustre tells of sinister golden Alpine caches. The book itself is a SOLID GOLD INVESTMENT – as much as one can possibly say…

Each monthly instalment will feature a new and different hand-fashioned cover image and will be finished to a high standard; hand-numbered and hand-embossed; printed by TJ Books in Cornwall; typeset to exacting standards by the respected W Dickie of Endmoor; graphic jazz by Woody of Kendal and British Sea Power; superbly executive-edited by Kevo of Sussex. Each order will come with a fully legible bookmark. Dark Lustre will only be available via mail order; six 20,000-word instalments posted monthly to your home or other address.

Why an edition of 667? This figure is down to pragmatism and a kind of benign numerology – a spin on the band in the book; known as the Hextet. The figure 667 connects to the six of “Hextet”, but now made forever recurring – with a UK purchase price of £40 (including P&P), the price per instalment breaks down as £6.666667…. The figure 667 is, of course, one better than the merely diabolical.


People buying Dark Lustre will become members of the DL667 Klüb. Everyone purchasing Dark Lustre will be included in a prize raffle – the prize being the original 48 x 36cm imagery that forms the basis for the book cover for the first instalment of Dark Lustre. This artwork – or, rather, Oppositional Interior Decor – is titled Morte Point: Please Don’t Let Us Die, Not While We’re Still Alive and can be viewed at this website’s Visuals page. The raffle will be drawn when the book sells out or after three months, whichever is sooner.

NB. PLEASE SIGN UP for the Roy Wilkinson mailing list – for news on future events and artefacts, all overseen by the wider umbrella organisation the Great South Western Intergenerational Cultural Outreach. Mailing-list sign-up is on this website’s home page.

NOTE: instalments of Dark Lustre will be posted on a monthly basis, starting in early December 2020. DL instalments will be posted by means of the delightful Royal Mail UK Standard and UK International Standard services – and will often come stuck with attractive UK commemorative stamps. However, in the current Covid-impacted environment, it is not impossible that deliveries may be delayed to some extent. We very much hope this will not be the case.

PLEASE ACT NOW AND PRE-ORDER – to allow for delivery in good time for the life-affirming midwinter gifting season.


Three sample narratives from Dark Lustre can be read below, all taken from the first instalment of the book. The first sample is the book’s opening strand. The second sample introduces Pamela Budeaux, one of the book’s two main protagonists. The third sample features a public performance by the three-piece group The Countess Marie-José de la Barre d’Erquelinnes.

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