Dark Lustre: Bär in deaktivierter Alpenfestung

Multi-media: jigsaw, enamel, gold foil, decals (42cm x 30cm). The image is an unused alternative from the covers for Roy Wilkinson’s “alphanumeric fictive progression” Dark Lustre, a book in six monthly instalments.

Lakeland Sublime
(After British Sea Power; J. Ruskin; BAe Warton, Lancs)

Multi-media: postcard, enamel, decals (14 cm x 10.5cm). A Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber head north along Coniston Water. John Ruskin’s former home at Brantwood forms a backdrop. The elements intervene, but on which side? A new manifestation of the sublime – beauty and awe in the English Lakes.

Lustkissenbootbahn (For Nick Sanderson)

Mixed media: emulsion, enamel, ink (112cm x 88cm). The British Rail sigil again occupies the exterior, facing outward into the Devon street scene. Across the road are buildings created by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The late pop orator Nick Sanderson – the soi-dissant Traindriver In Eyeliner – would have perhaps enjoyed the juxtaposition, mulling over time and event as he enjoyed his latter-day activity as a train operator on the Brighton-London line. Doubtless even on the rails Nick had a thought for his former group Earl Brutus, an ensemble whose approach was self-evaluated as “Kraftwerk caught wanking by their dads.” Luftkissenbootbahn is a semi-nonsensical German compound word – “hovercraftrail.”

Morte Point: Please Don’t Let Us Die, Not While We’re Still Alive

Mixed media: jigsaw, enamel, gold foil, ink, decals (48cm x 36cm). Created for the book cover for the first instalment of Roy Wilkinson’s book Dark Lustre.

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