Dark Lustre: Bär in deaktivierter Alpenfestung

Multi-media: jigsaw, enamel, gold foil, decals (42cm x 30cm). The image is an unused alternative from the covers for Roy Wilkinson’s “alphanumeric fictive progression” Dark Lustre, a book in six monthly instalments.

Lakeland Sublime
(After British Sea Power; J. Ruskin; BAe Warton, Lancs)

Multi-media: postcard, enamel, decals (14 cm x 10.5cm). A Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber head north along Coniston Water. John Ruskin’s former home at Brantwood forms a backdrop. The elements intervene, but on which side? A new manifestation of the sublime – beauty and awe in the English Lakes.

Morte Point: Please Don’t Let Us Die, Not While We’re Still Alive

Mixed media: jigsaw, enamel, gold foil, ink, decals (48cm x 36cm). Created for the book cover for the first instalment of Roy Wilkinson’s book Dark Lustre.

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