Do It For Your Mum

Roy Wilkinson – Do It For Your Mum

Do It For Your Mum is a tale of family life and rock music in the early 21st century – a non-fiction tale and one that would be difficult to invent. Author Roy Wilkinson is older brother of Hamilton and Yan of the rock group British Sea Power. He is also ex-manager of the band. This trio’s father, Ronald Wilkinson, is an 87-year-old ex-World War Two anti-aircraft gunner who has reinvented himself as a crazed follower of the contemporary indie-rock experience. The book sets a strange family story against broad, colour-drenched horizons – Czech werewolves, Scratching Fanny, Jarvis Cocker, Ronnie Corbett, the Dutch East Indies, The Libertines, The Wurzels and the English Lake District.

The first book from the imprint Rough Trade Books, brought to you by the revered Rough Trade Records.

“The year’s finest memoir.” – The Guardian

“As different from the usual rock biography as British Sea Power are from the usual rock band. Funny, literate, touching, ambitious and engaging. A quirky, brilliant story – quirkily, brilliantly told.” – Stuart Maconie

Spirited, comic… unbound imagination over mere reality… a Father’s Day gift in waiting” – MOJO

“Brilliant… the funniest rock book in years.” – GQ

“An astonishing and thought-provoking book – an effortless, enjoyable and compulsive read.”

“Great, great, great, bloody great!” – Hamilton of British Sea Power

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